Make every treatment unforgettable 


The Healthy Side of Beauty

Grow your own beautiful nails!   No harmful acrylic or powder dip products used on your nais nails. Only proven, gentle treatments  to help enhance, restore or repair even the most damaged nails. 


Pedicures combine foot-care with an uplifitng luxurious experience.


Choose from the Naturally Sole-full Pedicure, a Pure Bliss Soak & Trim, or the Indulgent Detox Soak with a Somatology massage...pure decadence!

Shellac or Gentle Gels

The durability of Hard Gels without the damage.


 No harsh chemicals, and no excessive filing. Your nails look beautiful for 14+ days and remain healthy.


So Many To Choose From!


There are a variety of natural, healthy manicures for your specific needs. Grow your own beautiful nails, strengthen week and peeling nails, improve ridged nails.