Is Your Health Worth $5?

The first question I am usually asked is "How much do you charge for a pedicure"? Not once have I been asked, "How do you sterilize your implements"? Or, "What precautions do you take to assure my safety during my pedicure"? How about, "What kind of training have you had as a Nail Specialist"? If you are interested in the cheapest, low-price pedicure you can find, there are many nail salons that are willing to accommodate you! Just sign your name on the sign-in sheet, pick your color and sit back in a pedicure tub that quite possibly has not been disinfected according to State regulations and have your tech use buffers, credo blades and other implements that have the signs of other client's skin on them.

However, if you are interested in your safety and health, the cleanliness of the implements and salon, the expertise and knowledge of your Nail Specialist, then you need to start asking the questions that assure your safety and the ability and knowledge of your Nail Tech! Don't be embarrassed to ask the IMPORTANT questions and don't be afraid to spend the extra $5-$10 on your health and safety! Those salons that exceed State regulations (they STERILIZE implements, disinfect pedicure tubs and use disposable liners as well as disposable files, DO NOT use credo blades, have you fill out an intake form, and are 5 Star Salon Safe accredited) are the salons that you can trust to do a fantastic pedicure---assuring that you will not walk away with fungus, infections or perhaps toes that need amputation.

So now, let me ask you, is price really your first concern???

Is your health worth that $5-$10 extra?

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