HOW MUCH.........

I may have written about this subject before, but I believe that it deserves a refresher. There is a big difference between a discount nail salon (they can be found in every mall and strip mall) and a reputable, nail establishment. Discount salon's main focus is on getting as many customers in and out of the place as they can in one day, taking as many shortcuts as possible to affect the bottom line profit. They concentrate on quantity, not quality.

Reputable nail establishment's main focus is on the health of their client's nails and the health of the client. All state regulations for sanitation are followed, with some Nail Specialists going beyond those requirements. The Specialist is properly trained and seeks continued education on product and procedure. Products used are quality products from quality manufacturers. Their salons are clean. Their implements are clean and disinfected (some using an autoclave or high heat sterilizer for metal implements). They refuse to use the same nail file over and over again, but use disposable files instead. Pedicure tubs are sanitized properly after each pedicure (disinfectant run through the system for 10 minutes after each pedicure if no liners are used. If plastic liners are used, they are thrown out and tubs sprayed with disinfectant after each pedicure). I could go on and on about the differences between a discount nail salon and a top notch nail salon. But it all boils down to the simple fact of client care and safety.

So, when the first question I am asked when answering a phone call is "How much do you charge....", my response (some may find it "snippy") is "are you looking for the least expensive service, bear in mind, I am not a discount nail salon". I have yet to be asked, "how do you care for your implements and sanitation", "how long have you been doing nails", "do you have a license", or any other question that would imply that this person is concerned about quality, not price, and is willing to pay for safety and knowledge.

It's up to you, would you prefer to get the cheapest service and risk getting an infection or fungus or worse? Or are you willing to pay a bit more and get safe, quality services performed by a trained, experienced, quality Nail Specialist? It's your choice and your health.

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